Private App Store App Installation

Last Updated: May 17, 2017 10:59AM PDT
In order for users to install and use Private App store apps on their iOS devices, they will need to go through a process of trusting the publisher of the app. 

Note: The Developer name that appears in iOS prompts will correspond with your Enterprise Apple Developer account name. The following screen shots feature 'Bizness Apps' as this is the Enterprise Apple Developer Name.

How To:

1. Grab the Private App store URL from your email and open the link in Safari on a iOS device. Click Install Now.


For iOS8 users, when they go to open the app for the first time they will see the following message and will need to click "trust". This is only for iOS8 users!

For iOS9 users, the procedure is slightly more complicated. When user's first open the app, they will see the following message and need to click "cancel".

FOR iOS9.1 users, they will then need to go to Settings> General> Profile where they will see the below screen.

FOR iOS9.2 and UP, users will go to Settings> General> Device Management (Apple changed "profile" to "device management" in 9.2)

They will then click "Bizness Apps Inc." Then "Trust Bizness Apps Inc." Please note, "Bizness Apps Inc." will be replaced by your Enterprise Apple Developer name.