What to Do Once Your App Is Live: Single Clients

Last Updated: Apr 25, 2017 11:29AM PDT
Congratulations! Your app is now available for download. To set up push notifications, the QR codes and the Tell a Friend feature please use this form to submit the app store URLs to us. First you will have to find the Apple and Android URLs, then submit them to us and finally input them into the app on your dashboard.

1. Finding Your App Store URL and App Store ID

1. Log in to your iTunes Connect account.

2. Click My AppsFind the app among the list and click it.

4. From the App Listing, click the More button on the far right.

5. First, select About This App. In the pop-up window, you'll find your App Store ID. Copy this down.

5. Back in the More menu select View on App Store. The App Store listing will load in your browser.

6. Copy down the full 
App Store URL. (Note:​ Remove the 's' in 'https' after copying your URL.)

7. Enter it in the Single Client App Store URLs form.

Note: If you are using our Apple Developer account, please mark “Yes” on the form and we can find this information for you.

2. Finding Your Android Market URL

1. Visit the Android App Marketplace in your browser.

2. Type your app's name into the Search field at the top.

3. Locate your app in the list and click it. The Play Store listing will load in your browser.

4. Copy down the full 
Android Market URL. (Note: Remove the 's' in 'https' after copying your URL.)

5. Enter it in the Single App Store URLs form.

3. Generating QR Codes

1. Once you receive confirmation that the URLs have been put in place, please go to the Promote section of the dashboard.

2. Then click the “Rebuild Codes” button. Please only do this once. And you're done!